implemented Projects

Highlights of implemented Projects


Sl. Name of the Project Issue Working Area Donor/ Funding Partners
01 ELLMA COVID-19  Response in Bangladesh Awareness activity to Preventing COVID-19  Virus & relief distribution for underprivileged people Chittagong city corporation area  & Patiya Upozila Local resource & Organizational Emergency fund.
02 TORUN ALO ( Light of Youth )  Combat Violent Extremism through Alternative Constructive Engagement of Youth Chakaria Upozilla, Cox`s Bazar Global community engagement and resilience fund-GCERF & Manusher Jonno Foundation-MJF
03 Promoting Social Harmony in Bangladesh “Stop Violence, Build a Peaceful Nation” Campaign Chittagong & Cox`s Bazar Democracy International and US Embassy
04 Establish Child rights and Hazard free Working Environment through Education and Vocational Training (CHWEVT) Child Rights & Reduce Child Labor Chittagong City Corp-4,6,7,14,18 Manusher Jonno Foundation-MJF
05 NEST: For the Children at risk. Child Rights & Reduce Child Labor Chittagong City Corp-,6,7,14,18 Manusher Jonno Foundation-MJF
06 Adolescent Leadership opportunity-ALO Adolescent friendly environment in 10 Schools Patiya Upa-Zilla Human Development Foundation-HDF
07 Establish slum women’s obtainment of Justice adopting grassroots initiatives Awareness, Legal Support to victim women & adolescent. Reduce domestic violence Chittagong city Corporation UKAID & Maxwell stamp PLC
08 Ensure Effective Quality & Sustainable Services of Existing Safe Home Legal & Physical Support & Skills Training Hathazari Upazila Manusher Jonno Foundation-MJF
09 Reduce Domestic Violence & Legal Support Awareness, Legal Support to victim women & adolescent. Reduce domestic violence Chittagong District Nari Nirjaton Rodhe Ctg. Dist. Committee
10 Protecting Human Right- PHR program Awareness, Legal Support to victim women & women empowerment. Patiya Upa-Zilla Plan Bangladesh &


11 Gender Responsive and Women Human Rights & Economic Empowerment- GRWHREE Women Empowerment Patiya Upa-Zilla Unity for Social & Human Action-USHA & Manusher Jonno Foundation-MJF
12 Strengthening Movement to Advance Women’s Rights & Gender Equality Reduce Early marriage, Dowry, Violence against women, Increase Women’s Empowerment of every sector Chittagong City Corporation & Patiya Upazila Steps Towards Development & Chittagong Social Development Forum.
13 Reduce Gender biased violence through vocational training & Legal support. Reduce gender biased violence Chittagong City Corp-,6,7,14,18 Zonta international foundation-USA
14 People’s Jubilant Engagement for Tobacco Free Chittagong City To ensure tobacco  free Chittagong City Chittagong City Corp Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids